[Carlson, Tyler] Tyler Town

Tyler Town Data Average climate: 70 degrees fahrenheit Population : 100,000 language: Spanish city animal:panther Relationship with Gainesville, Florida Tyler Town has a science team that is helping Gainesville Florida with some science experiments they ben working together for 14 years. that involves 50 schools,grades 5-12. Things to do in Tyler Town Biking in TylerContinue reading “[Carlson, Tyler] Tyler Town”

[Purdy, Jaylee] Savanah

Essential Data: Population: 6,543 Founded: 2008 Time Zone: Eastern Average Temperature: a cool 72 degrees, beautiful year-round Highest Recorded Temperature: 76 degrees Lowest Recorded Temperature: 51 degrees Common Tongue: English Savanah Flower: Sunflower Savanah Bird: Peacock Savanah Tree: Oak Savanah Icon: Relationships with other cities: Gainesville, FL: The conception of Savanah began in Gainesville, FLContinue reading “[Purdy, Jaylee] Savanah”

[Long, Mason] Masonopolis

Hello world this is my city Masonopolis. Nickname: Mop Town Highest point of elevation: 1000000 ft Population: 915842 aliens Founding: 2001 Official languages: English and Beeps and Boops Ethnic composition: 1% white 1% black 98% blue Educational institutions: Lil Gifted Shool for Lil Gifted Kids (since 2001) We enjoy playing baseball and football. Our majorContinue reading “[Long, Mason] Masonopolis”

[Lopez, Dahlia] Dahlia kingdom

population:1000 wildlife:This kingdom has all sorts of animals including dragons,griffins and hydras. history:In 2008 this wonderful town was built,in 2017 the queen was (and still is) a girl named dahlia. She renamed the kingdom Dahlia kingdom,their queen was young compared to how old a queen of a kingdom should be,but she is a very goodContinue reading “[Lopez, Dahlia] Dahlia kingdom”

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