Fake Country Videos


Students will create websites and videos to practice utilizing the software in preparation for Unit 3, when they will create websites and videos to educate citizens of Gainesville, FL and members of the P.K. Yonge community about our Sister Cities and Sister Schools around the world..


First, login to Adobe Spark and create a new project.

Then film a concise video complete with appropriate graphics, animations, voiceover, and live recording to communicate the data from your segment of the video. Your video segment must include the following components:

  1. Relevant images of your “country”
  2. Header graphics for sub-sections
  3. Live video recording segments
  4. Voiceover

Mr. Ho’s Spark Example

Mejdlaya Group

Qalqilya Group

Nanjing Group

Naryn Group

Kfar-Saba Group

Duhok Group

Santa Marta Group

Novorossiysk Group

Rzeszów Group

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